End corruption, increase foreign investment— bishop

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Manila Auxilliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo (Photo: CBCPNews)

MANILA, June 11, 2015— The government should address corruption if only to improve the flow of foreign direct investments into the country, a Catholic bishop said.

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo sees no need for “economic Charter change”, saying that it is widespread corruption that has long been affecting the country’s growth.

He said many investors are wary ofinvesting in a country where corruption in the government is rife.

“Let us not touch (the Constitution) anymore. What we need to do is fix our economic climate by addressing corruption because that’s what drives foreigners away,” Pabillo said.

The bishop also expressed a lack of trust in lawmakers when it comes to amending the Constitution.

“We know the track record of Congress, they do not really represent the people,” said Pabillo, who also chairs the CBCP Committee on Public Affairs.

Pabillo cited as an example a powerful group of wealthy landholding lawmakers from the Visayas who are allegedly blocking agrarian reform “to protect their interests.”

He also lamented the failure of legislators to pass the Freedom of Information Bill and the Anti-Political Dynasty Bill.

“And then we are going to trust them (in amending the Constitution)?” Pabillo said. (CBCPNews)

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