‘Education should shape a heart for others’ – priest

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ANTIPOLO City, July 13. 2014 – Education should not only develop the intellect of the student for personal goals, but also shape his heart for the service of God and others, a priest said in a reflection on July 8.

While the intention of formal education is to assimilate knowledge into the person to earn credentials to get a job, it should not fail to teach him that pursuit of personal interests alone without seeking the welfare of his fellows is non-Christian, Fr. Dari Dioquino, priest-in-charge of Kanlungan ni Maria Home for the Aged, said.

Fr. Dari Dioquino, priest-in-charge of Kanlungan ni Maria Home for the Aged, (in white, in the middle) shares a light moment with resident elderly and friends. (Photo: Kanlungan ni Maria)

Christ demonstrated what education should teach, to do good to oneself, which is personal growth, and to his brethren, who suffer because of their own mistakes or others’ actions, he said.

“Like Jesus who did many good things to comfort people who weep,” Dioquino said.

The more extensive education a person has acquired, the better he should be able to see his brethren’s needs, he said.

“The breadth of one’s arms and the bigness of his heart should be as broad as his knowledge, otherwise his head, heart and hands are self-centered and unchristian,” Dioquino said.

He observed how students of today have only their personal advancement in mind due to the culture. Even the atmosphere in schools has become more focused on the self because of societal pressure.

“We are all called by Christ to take care of each other, especially our brethren who were made poor by their own mistakes and by the circumstances of other people,” Dioquino said. (Oliver Samson)

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