Eco group outs ‘Localized Paris Agreement’

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CEBU City, April 24, 2016 – A Cebu-based environmental collective has released the “Localized Paris Agreement” in a bid to contextualize the pro-climate proposals of the original Paris Agreement of 2015.

“We are advocating and proposing 100% renewables as our way of engagement of making counterproposal to ‘environmental violators,’” explained Dann Diez, a founding member of the newly-formed Pusyon Kinaiyahan (Alliance for Earth), which focuses on grassroots environmental campaigns.

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma led the signing of the document during the recent Earth Day celebration in the archdiocese.

Following the prelate’s example were parish leaders, environmental activists, and a number of local government officials.

Ongoing "Pusyon Kinaiyahan" workshop on Laudato Si'. (Contributed Photo)

The historic event coincided with the official launch of the Archdiocesan Commission on Social Advocacies.

The summary of the “Localized Paris Agreement” reads as follows:

“The Paris Agreement is beyond Paris, it rests in all areas affected by the climate crisis. We, the undersigned commit to care for the Earth and make a definitive pledge in the framework of the Paris Agreement to respond the climate crisis—securing a sustainable future for the people and the planet.
Demand divestment in fossil fuels and transition to 100% renewables by 2050, and encourage our power sector in the business community to reinvest in renewables and alternative green solutions;
Commit to make Cebu an eco-sustainable province, rejecting profit-driven businesses in the guise of development (mining, coal-fired power plants, pollution causing factories and all others that can destroy our environment and communities);
Involve our communities, organizations and citizenry to be vigilant on environmental issues, promote integral environmental formation, and active mobilization for ecological engagement.”

Moreover, Pusyon Kinaiyahan (Alliance for Earth) trains young eco-leaders in the spirit of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ to enable them take a stand on issues related to ecological destruction, particularly in Cebu.

“We should not be blinded by development, rather we should awaken our people of ‘how much’ we have done to our mountains, seas and rivers in the island of Cebu; totally destroyed because of development,” commented Br. Tagoy Jakosalem, OAR, another Pusyon Kinaiyahan founding member, who is also the first recipient of the Green Ring Award given by The Climate Reality Project (TCRP). (Raymond A. Sebastián / CBCP News)

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