‘Drug war ok but…’ – bishop

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MANILA, July 26, 2016 – A prelate serving in Mindanao called on the faithful to support the Duterte administration’s all-out war against drugs but stressed the need to observe due process of law.

“Fighting the proliferation of drugs, that’s a program that really needs support. But it needs to be done in the good way and with a good process so that people’s lives can be respected,” said Iligan Bishop Elenito Galido, who admitted the drug problem also affects Mindanao.

While the prelate called on Filipinos to cooperate and support the government’s all-out offensive against drug trafficking, he exhorted the public to keep an eye on law enforcement agencies.

Galido stressed the importance of due process where victims’ “dignity, integrity and human rights” are protected.

“We really need investigation at the same time also the strict follow up and hunting down of drug lords, not only the pushers and users who easily turn into vulnerable victims that are get entangled in the problem,” he said in Filipino.

According to Philippine Drug Agency (PDEA), there are an estimated 8,000 barangays in the country where drugs are rampant.

Different Catholic Church leaders have also condemned the rampant extra-judicial killings connected to the administration’s anti-drug campaign. (Glenn Figuracion / CBCPNews)

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