Don’t be ‘thin-skinned’, Aquino told

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MANILA, Nov. 14, 2012— President Benigno Aquino III should not be “thin-skinned” and must instead learn how to take criticisms against his administration objectively, a Catholic bishop said.

According to Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros, if other people have better data, Aquino should accept their argument and learn from them instead of hitting back at his critics.

“Maybe he is really like that but he should not be thin-skinned. He should be ready for that,” Oliveros told Manila archdiocese-run Radio Veritas Wednesday.

“Even the past presidents like Marcos and Arroyo also received heavy criticisms. We praise what is good and those that are bad should be criticized for the common good,” he said.

President Aquino yesterday lashed out at the Catholic hierarchy, which according to him, is always quick to criticize him compared to other religious sects.

One of the issues that sparked an acrimonious debate between the Church and the Aquino administration is the “reproductive health” bill.

The bishop said they will not criticize for the birth control measure for nothing and the President should objectively address their concerns and arguments.

“It’s is clear that this is against the Church’s teachings and will only cause immorality. The criticism is objective and they should accept and this is for the good of the country anyway,” he said.

“Of course the Church is always in critical collaboration with the government. And when some bishops observe something wrong against the government, they will have to speak,” said Oliveros. (RL/CBCPNews)

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