Dominican school launches month of Holy Rosary

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STO. TOMAS, Davao del Norte, Oct. 5, 2013— Private catholic schools here managed by the Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of the Philippines launched its celebration of the month of the Holy Rosary bearing the theme, “Mary: Queen of Peace”. 

“We ask the Virgin Mary to help us to cultivate a habit of interior prayer through the daily recitation of the rosary. This is the object of all of our prayers: to arrive at the point where we can pray without ceasing. The rosary is in itself a contemplative prayer and has great strength for intercession of Mary as the Queen of Peace,” Sr. Ma. Evelyn M. Oqueza, OP, Regional Superior of the Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of the Philippines, said during the opening program. 

Oqueza said the month of October is a good time to commit to praying the Rosary every day, adding that “the rosary will bring great peace and holiness to your life since it is a powerful instrument for conversion as the Rosary is the best method of honoring Mary.” 

In a launching activity held Wednesday morning, some 600 people composed of parishioners, students, religious groups, Marian devotees as well as civil society groups assembled at the ground of San Miguel Parish Church armed with their rosaries and began praying the different mysteries of the rosary. 

Participants collectively expressed their prayers and personal intentions for a lasting peace in the island of Mindanao while the faculty and staff of Maryknoll High School of Sto. Tomas led the procession carrying a huge statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Sr. Edith Canon, OP, a Dominican nun, said that it has been a long tradition of the community to observe the month of the Holy Rosary during October which was jointly organized by the school and the San Miguel Parish. 

“We do always encourage our parishioners and our students to always pray the rosary. Since the prayers of the Rosary come from God inspired by the scripture, and from the Church — it is not surprising that the Rosary is so dear to our Blessed Mother and so powerful with heaven,” the Dominican nun added. 

Various activities were also held such as film marathon on Marian themed movies, lectures on the history of the rosary and basic introduction on the life of Mother Rosario Arroyo and St. Dominic de Guzman, block rosary, among others. 

Reymar Rebote, a high school student, said that celebrating the month of the holy rosary deepens our connection with God through the Blessed Virgin Mary. This as Rebote said that “praying the rosary is deeply rooted in our cultural sphere being Filipinos and we must continue to practice so that the youth of today will still value praying the rosary.” 

“If we consider the power of the Rosary and see its effects, we find a great abundance of proofs of its wonderful value. Many are the favors granted to private individuals through its devout recitation: there are few devotees of the Rosary who cannot testify to experiencing its power in their own lives,” student Alfonso Regoniel, a Marian devotee, said in an interview. (Aurel Larabaster)

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