Doctor warns against ‘invasion’ of women’s bodies

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Dr. Dolores Octaviano, a member of Human Life International and Doctors for Life (Photo: CBCP for Life)

MANILA, Aug. 29, 2015 – Amid widespread public outcry against the Bureau of Customs (BOC)’s opening of balikbayan boxes, a medical doctor warned against another government program that is allegedly causing harm to many Filipino families, especially women.

Calling the attention of the Department of Health (DOH)’s implementation of Republic Act No. 10354, commonly known as the RH Law, Dr. Dolores Octaviano, a member of Human Life International and Doctors for Life asked, “If the balikbayan box is considered sacred because it is seen as the extension of the humanity of every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), how much more the human body that is created as the temple of God?”

As a medical doctor and a mother, Octaviano challenged the DOH to comply with the ruling of the Supreme Court on the RH Law for the testing and evaluation by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of all contraceptive drugs and devices, including those that are already being presently distributed to the public, to ensure that these are safe, legal, and non-abortifacient.

Woman, bearer of life

“The balikbayan box is very dear to every Filipino family because it bears the fruits of the sacrifices of OFWs. How much more should the womb of the mother be respected and protected because it is the bearer of new human life?” she added, noting the DOH’s role as the lead government agency for the protection of the health and life of every Filipino.

“Does the DOH examine and study the ingredients of each and every drug, especially contraceptives and vaccines that can potentially harm the human body, especially the womb of the mother?”, she asked.

Citing competent clinical studies, Octiviano disclosed, “Birth control drugs and devices distributed by the DOH, such as Pills, Intra Uterine Device (IUD), Depo Povera, and Implanon, are harmful. Aside from being abortifacient, these have been proven to be carcinogenic especially to the breast, uterus and the liver.”

Balikbayan boxes and bodies

“The IUD is abortifacient. It is laced with Beta HCG that can induce abortion,” the doctor warned.

“It is important for government agencies to recognize what is sacred. The balikbayan box represents the blood and the sweat of Filipinos abroad to help their families and the Philippine economy,” said Octaviano, whose husband Erlando worked abroad many years as a Ship Officer.

“If the Bureau of Customs should respect the balikbayan box, should not the DOH likewise respect the dignity of the woman’s body?” Octaviano asked. (Fr. Mickey Cardenas / CBCP News)

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