‘Ditch albularyos, get real healing’ – speaker

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BATANGAS City, Sept. 19, 2015 – Going against many Filipino families’ traditions, lay speaker strongly discouraged more than a thousand singles present at a recent CFC – Singles for Christ Metro Manila Regional Conference workshop from going to albularyos or faith healers, saying sick people should receive the healing sacraments of the Church instead.

“Never, ever go to albularyos. Go to the church and receive the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. That is the real sacrament of healing,” said Phil De Guzman, a lay volunteer of the Archdiocese of Manila’s Office of Exorcism under chief exorcist Fr. Jocis Syquia.

De Guzman, who is also a Couples for Christ full-time worker, said most Catholics don’t even know that the sacrament of of anointing of the sick is precisely for those who are sick, often resorting to other “prayer rituals” instead.

‘Not real prayers’

He also said another largely overlooked sacrament of healing is the sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession.

In an exclusive interview with CBCP News, he explained the faith healer’s so-called prayer incantations are not real prayers, as far as the Catholic faith is concerned.

“[The part] where they pray, you call that an incantation. It’s not real prayer…It’s only magical…because the real prayer comes from the heart,” De Guzman explained further in Filipino, noting that even the sacramentals the said faith healers bring with them, such as religious images, rosaries, or medallions, are not blessed.

Unblessed sacramentals

A Sto. Niño, for example, that is not blessed, he said, is only made of wood, and would, therefore produce no healing effect from Jesus but from another source.

“…So the sacramentals we see with albularyos are not blessed,” he stressed.

“[Albularyos] can heal temporarily and with a great price – and it always comes with a price. You give something in exchange, maybe not now but but in the near future,” explained Jazz, De Guzman’s wife, who also shared during the talk how a prayer session with Archdiocese of Manila’s chief exorcist Fr. Jocis Syquia revealed how her extremely emotional, sensitive nature and her uncontrollable fears have its roots in the fact that her grand parents were espiritistas or occultists who did pranic healing.

Pranic Healing, a “no-touch”, drug-less form of therapy that claims to use “cosmic” or “universal life force energy”, according to the official Vatican document “Jesus Christ: The Bearer of the Water of Life” issued by the Council for Culture Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, is against Catholic teachings.

According to an article on catholichealing.com, Pranic healing denies that the Holy Spirit is a person but is merely a force in the universe that can be manipulated for healing.

Family consecration to Jesus and Mary

According to De Guzman, if a family has been resorting to albularyos, they must, after confession, renounce and cut off the bondage brought about by the said practice by saying the following prayer: “In Jesus’ name, I renounce the practice of seeking healing from faith healers. I repent and ask to be forgiven. I now choose You, Jesus as my only Lord and Savior.”

He said this should be done three times.

Aside from this, the family should also make a family consecration to Jesus and Mary.

The said event was held at the Batangas City Colesium Coliseum from Sept. 4 to 6. (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz / CBCP News)

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