‘Dishonesty begins at home’ – values formators

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MANILA, Nov. 16, 2014 — Sad to say, but the seed of corruption in public office sometimes, begins to grow at home when parents pressure their children to secure a good reputation and standing in the community, values formators said.

Some as young as teens are pressured by their own elders to plot their way to the top of the class or a paid position in the local elective council, said Education Foundation, Inc. (EFI) president Noami A. David on Tuesday.

Education Foundation, Inc. (EFI) has been providing values formation for teachers and students in public schools. (Photo: Maricel Montilla)

‘Culture of tolerance’

Some are pressured by parents to be number 1 in the class, instead of appropriately just telling their children to simply do their best, she said. This forces the young to employ less-than-honest schemes in order to hit the mark set by their parents.

It’s very depressing since at their age they are supposed to be undergoing values formation, David said. But some have become “so young yet so corrupt,” resorting to bribery to win Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections.

This moral corruption of the young by their own forebears is further suckled by society’s mounting “culture of tolerance,” said Myra M. Menguito, EFI executive director.

This culture leads the youth to assume that their actions remain right as long as they do not hurt others, at least physically, she added.

Advance response

“What is morally wrong has become politically correct because many are into it and accepted that it’s just okay since they benefit in doing so,” Menguito said.

In a workplace where this culture exists, doing something morally correct has become disturbing and even offensive to the self-righteous who have “rigged” the morality of something right to make it fit for their own end, David said.

A conversation about morality has also become more inconvenient than boring. Keeping one’s mouth shut on wrongdoings has become acceptable. One who thinks, speaks, and does good things has become the object of distaste, she added.

The EFI, education arm of the Couples for Christ, believes its continuous values formation of the youth for many years now is an “advance response” to the Pope’s present call to fight all forms of corruption, David noted.

Edifying the young, however, requires parents and teachers as models demonstrating for them good examples to follow, Menguito said. (Oliver Samson)

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