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QUEZON City, August 30, 2013—As part of the pastoral agenda of the diocese, Cubao’s media ministry launched its new diocesan website during the 10th anniversary celebration Mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Cubao, August 28. 

Fr. Steven Zabala, diocesan media minister in an interview, said changes to the old website were made because the former site was not moving for lack of content and staff for maintenance. 

“The bishop and the clergy wanted a more engaging design and then I think, the past website was not moving because there was no content coming in. When we were able to organize a pool of writers for uploading and creating content, we [thought], we can now launch a new website and a more appealing one,” Zabala added. 

The launching was held to inform the diocesan lay faithful that a new site is now operational with new content, especially made during the celebration of the Year of Faith. 

“We have eight pastoral agenda and one is to engage the digital world in information dissemination. Not just disseminating simple information but to evangelize as well. So it is the diocese’s agenda to use the internet for its mission purposes,” Zabala explained. 

Church leaders and volunteers in every parish within the diocese are part of the target market for the new website. 

“Our brothers and sisters who are on the ground, in the parishes, have to be informed about what is happening in the diocese, new directions and marching orders. If they will browse the website, they will be informed about those things right away. And of course, our faithful in the diocese can visit the site for news and information from certain parishes and vicariates in the diocese,” the priest furthered. 

As of now, the website is still a work in progress but can be accessed by logging in at www.dioceseofcubao.ph. (Jandel Posion)

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