Correct ‘disrespectful behavior’ inside churches – priest to faithful

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An inside view of Sta. Cruz parish church in Manila. (Photo: Oliver Samson)

QUEZON City, Nov. 12, 2015 – Acts of disrespect toward the church as a house of worship should be discouraged and corrected even by regular lay people, said a priest during a Mass in Manila on Nov. 9.

Fr. Mandy Napoles, who is superior of the Sta. Cruz church, exhorted believers to have zero tolerance for what he considers disrespectful behavior against the sacredness of churches like not going outside to take phone calls, texting during the Mass, among others.

Citing Christ’s “holy anger” when men turned the temple into a marketplace, the faithful should show a “righteous anger” when others show a lack of respect towards God’s presence in today’s churches, he said.

Believers should remind other people to respect the church as something that belongs to God in the same way children protect the house of their parents from people with bad intentions, Napoles said.

Believers should respect the church themselves and call the attention of people acting disrespectful inside or towards the church, he added.

The church “is the place where God dwells among His people,” stressed the priest. “Let’s show respect for God.” (Oliver Samson / CBCP News)

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