Coalition urges ‘pork’ legislators to resign

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MANILA, May 19, 2014— A coalition of educators, religious, businessmen and civil society called on legislators involved in the misuse of the pork barrel to resign out of “delicadeza”.

The Cebu Coalition Against the Pork Barrel System (CCAPBS) said these people must resign to avoid any influence on the investigation.

“True statesmen, those honorable men who are bred and raised to adhere to strict codes of conduct, will immediately resign under public accusations against their integrity, to allow investigations and legal scrutiny to proceed, unobstructed by any influence coming from them,” said Msgr. Romualdo Kintanar, convenor of CCAPBS.

“Beside, decent legislators can submit documents that can withstand scrutiny,” he said.

To insist, he said, on staying in office because of their electoral mandate is “wrong”, adding that they cannot hide behind the pretense that they have to serve the electorate that placed them in office.

“The people voted for them in good faith, in all innocence of their possible crimes. The only way for these legislators to prove that this good faith is held sacred is to step down and step aside and allow the process of justice to proceed without delay, and to remain outside their office until their names are cleared,” he said.

The coalition also called on concerned agencies to show the public the results of their pork scam probe, as it lamented the “slow progress” of the investigation.

It described the pork barrel scam involving a number of congressmen and senators as the “most shameful accusations of crime the legislative branch of government has ever faced in its entire history”.

Kintanar said that this is one time in country’s history that a branch of government is being blamed for its gross inability to lessen poverty.

“People have come to doubt that Legislators never ran for office to serve the public good, but only to dip their fingers into the pork barrel funds,” he said.

“While we are glad that more evidence has surfaced, and more witnesses come forward, we also feel disgusted at the apparent mishandling of the emerging issues,” Kintanar added. (CBCPNews)

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