Church’s ‘Patron of the Arts’ concert set

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MANILA, Nov. 2, 2014— In a press briefing held Thursday, Oct. 30, Manila Archbishop Luís Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle announced that preparations are already underway for “Patron of the Arts,” the annual musical event spearheaded by RCAM along with Jesuit Communications (JesCom) in support of the Church’s programs and projects.

Manila Archbishop Luís Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle (Photo: CBCP News)

The concert-for-a-cause is scheduled on Dec. 12, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, at the Meralco Theater in Pasig City, coinciding with the anniversary of Tagle’s episcopal ordination and his taking possession of RCAM.

Now on its third year, proceeds of the upcoming charity concert will help cover the educational expenses of poor but deserving students of RCAM who may want to study in parochial schools.

Previous “Patrons” benefitted the Manila Cathedral-Basilica, which had needed a major renovation to make it earthquake-resistant, as well as the Domus Mariæ Foundation, RCAM’s social housing arm.

Fr. Carlos V. Reyes, executive director of Domus Mariæ, shared the Church has always been a “patroness of the arts”.

“The arts express human aspirations in a most appropriate manner, and the Church being both a human and divine institution has also expressed her love for God through the arts,” he said, recalling great artists Raphael and Michelangelo, and great musicians Bach and Mozart.

According to the priest, the cardinal wants to highlight the Church’s support for genuine arts that “uplift man’s spirit through its reflection of the beauty of God found in Creation,” namely, the beauty of nature, human spirit, and God’s creation ultimate creation, the Church.

In an earlier CBCPNews post, Tagle lauded the Church for being “the repository of so much art expressions, paintings, sculpture, music, architecture” and for embracing and promoting the arts.

“Christian art, therefore, has become not just an aesthetic experience, but a spiritual experience as well, not just a feast for the senses, but for the soul as well,” Tagle added, stressing that on a human level the reconstruction and salvation of the world depends so much on artists.

Asked why the Church mounts a concert when others means for raising funds are available, the prelate answered, “Sublime things, noble things, spiritual things are best expressed in art.”

Like his Renaissance predecessors, he believed that “artists can lead all of us to deep truths which serve as foundations of civilization and of a community that knows what justice, truth, and communion mean”.

The cardinal pointed out these things which “cannot be taught by ideology can only be intuited and expressed by artists.” (Raymond A. Sebastián)

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