Church won’t change anti-nuke plant stand

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MANILA, Oct. 11, 2014— Dismissing lobbying from business groups, a Catholic bishop stresses his diocese will not change its stance against the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).

Amid a looming energy crisis, Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos said the diocese will counter plans to use nuclear power to generate electricity in the country.

Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos (Photo: CNA)

In a recent pastoral letter, he said the Church’s position on the issue was researched and discussed before a decision was taken.

“The Diocese of Balangas has decided. And the Diocese of Balanga makes a stand yet again,” Santos said in the vernarcular. “The Diocese of Balangan is against this [move]. And this stand will not change.”

“The BNPP damages life, livelihood and nature. The BNPP is not the answer to the present needs of the people. No one is safe from the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant,” he added.

The bishop maintains that the mothballed nuclear power plant would endanger the lives of the Filipino people.

Instead of reviving it, the diocese urged the government to focus on other alternatives for power generation that are safe and sustainable.

“Because life is so much more valuable to us than profit or money to be gained from cheap electricity or for the selfish needs of the body…We believe that energy can be generated from wind or from water (hydro) or from the sun (solar) that can be studied, tested or harnessed. (CBCP News)

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