CFC Global renews commitment to traditional marriage, family

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QUEZON City, July 4, 2015—Call them spoilsport, but the Philippine-based Catholic charismatic group Couples for Christ (CFC) Global has nonetheless decided to sail against the cultural tide, reaffirm its stance on traditional marriage and family, and to look at the legalization of same-sex union in the United States and other Western countries as an opportunity for Christians to help members of the LGBT (lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgender) community grasp the true meaning of happiness and freedom.

CFC Chairman Joe Tale with his wife, Babylou (Photo taken from Babylou's Facebook account)

Time for reflection

“…while the decision has been celebrated by some sectors, we who uphold the truth about the sanctity of marriage view the recent development not necessarily as a death of morality, but rather as a call by the Lord for a deeper sense of introspection—a greater call for us to reflect on our own innate giftedness, individually and collectively, so that, moved with greater zeal, we can more actively respond to the challenges that threaten the very foundations of the family,” says Jose T. Tale, CFC Global Missions Foundation, Inc. chair, in a June 30 manifesto.

“The decision sends a clear message for us to widen our understanding of the issue at hand, and more importantly, to use our Christian values as a tool to open the eyes of those who have developed a deluded sense of happiness and freedom,” he adds.

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Human = gift

Stressing that every human person is a gift, Tale points out the discovery of humanity’s innate “giftedness” enables all to pursue the kind of happiness that is not short-lived but transcendental, and that allows one to give himself fully to another.

“And it is in the discovery that we are a gift—a gift that must be shared—that we are able to relentlessly pursue our deep longing for happiness—a kind of happiness that is not short-lived but rather transcends through time, a kind of happiness that would not only edify us but the one with whom we decide to offer ourselves,” he added.

Families as ‘living witness’

Even as they continue to voice their opposition against “those who threaten marriage,” Tale invites CFC members to pursue effective ways to defend the family.

“Our own marriages and family lives, because they are centered on Christian values, should be a living witness to a world that would rather listen to actions than words. By having our message clearly heard, we may then lead others toward the right path to happiness and freedom, indeed to Christ Himself,” he explains.

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“We must all the more persevere in prayer and in faith in order that our marriages become a genuine reflection of God’s image here on earth,” he adds.

As a Catholic organization, Tale states CFC Global adheres to the teachings of the Church. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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