CEAP official to critics: Stop complaining about K-12

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The Supreme Court recently junked the petition to halt the implementation of the K-12 program. (Photo: CBCP News)

MANILA, March 16, 2015— The stakeholders can focus on nation-building through quality education instead of complaining about the government’s K to 12 program, a spokesman of Catholic educators said.

Anthony Coloma, advocacy and information officer of Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines, said the work of education reform “necessitates inconveniences and disruptions at all levels”, but complaining about it will get the country nowhere.

“This is undeniable. To think otherwise is irresponsible and unwise. Any work intending to make better the life of others demands hard work complemented by aches in the head and in the heart,” said Coloma.

“Let us put a stop to our complaints and just work on to make better our education system,” he said.

The CEAP official made the statement today after the Supreme Court junked the petition of several groups asking to stop the implementation of the K to 12 program that adds two more years to high school.

Many critics lamented that thousands of teachers and employees will lose their jobs due to the K to 12 program.

They also said it would be best to suspend the program while the education system continues to face perennial problems such as a lack of classrooms, low student-teacher ratios as well as teachers’ low salaries.

Coloma, however, said the government, CEAP and other educational institutions are helping each other to mitigate the impact of the full and actual implementation of the program.

“The K to 12 Reform is not the panacea, the elixir to all our problems. It would only level the playing field for our children and our children’s children in this age when the world has gone flat and global barriers has become fluid and [almost] free-flowing,” he added.

“As an educator, we do not simply live by battling the inconveniences and the disruptions this reform would bring. We live drawn by our dreams to change the lives of our pupils and moved by the purpose to bring out the best in our students,” he said. (Roy Lagarde / CBCPNews) 

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