CEAP: No ‘Mayweather running’ from K-12

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Bro. Jun Erguiza, FSC (Photo: Anthony Coloma/CEAP)

MANILA, May 23, 2015— The country cannot afford to back off from the K-12 program because it will adversely affect the quality of education in the Philippines, a group of Catholic educators said, saying it cannot do a ‘Mayweather.’

In delaying program, La Salle Bro. Jun Erguiza, president of the Catholic Educators Association of the Philippines, compared it to US boxing champion Floyd Mayweather’s much-maligned “running style” when he won against Manny Pacquiao to the dismay of many people who watched the most anticipated bout.

“We are no Mayweather. We will win not by running away from the challenges that come our way. We will throw our punches and claim our coveted dream of reforming the basic education system,” Erguiza said, stressing the program must continue or it is the children who will suffer the most.

“We have to make this happen. Our nation, our people cannot afford to delay this any further,” he said.

Erguiza made the statement during his acceptance speech as the new Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associates chairperson in a ceremony in Pasig City earlier this month.

According to him, this is the opportune time for reform which has been sounded off more than four decades ago.

Erguiza also allayed fears voiced by some groups against K to 12 like the potential displacement of tertiary faculty and staff, the possible closure of some schools due to revenue losses, among others.

He admitted that “like any other forms of transition in life,” the implementation of the K-12 system “cannot be free from any form of disruption and confusion.”

“It would be foolish to demand a foolproof game plan for the transition,” Erguiza said.

The CEAP head reiterated that the K-12 program is the key to having quality education and for Filipino children to be more globally competitive.

“The K-12 Act is not for the women and men of today. It is for our children to go beyond what we have achieved,” he also said.

Erguiza added: “It is for our children to claim a dream that would exceed our own. It is for our children to break a horizon that is far wider and farther than ours.” (Roy Lagarde/CBCPNews)

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