CBCP’s vow to new officials: Church’s collaboration

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MANILA, May 10. 2016 – Hours before the first presidentiable conceded defeat to front-running presidential bet Rodrigo Duterte, the head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ revealed the Church’s “great promise” to winning candidates: “vigilant collaboration.”

“The greatest promise the Church can offer any government is vigilant collaboration, and that offer, we make now. We will urge our people to work with the government for the good of all, and we shall continue to be vigilant so that ever so often we may speak out to teach and to prophesy, to admonish and to correct — for this is our vocation,” said Lingayen – Dagupan Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas in a statement titled “Get up now, let us go!”

He also credited God’s will in the election results, saying soon-to-be winners should recognize their victory as the Lord’s doing.
“God’s hand is to be recognized in the events of history. Credit then, your victory, neither to fame nor popularity but to God who calls you to service and to care for the weakest and the most distressed in our midst,” stressed the bishops.

In a spirit of unity, the CBCP’s post election statement emphasized the Church’s continual guidance and prayers for the elected leaders.

“To those who have been voted to office, we assure them of our prayers, principally for wisdom, that they may discern God’s will for his people and courageously do as he bid,” reads the statement.

As for the other candidates, the archbishop said they are more than the positions they ran for and challenged them to do good even if they will not get to hold their desired public office.

“To those who did not succeed, you, as persons, as sons and daughters of God, are infinitely so much more than the positions after which you aspired. Rather than becoming despondent and discouraged, you should challenge yourselves – It is for you to discover your paths, in faith and in docility to God’s spirit”

The document concluded with a positive message that the Church and government should work together and aim for the greater good of all. (Chrixy Paguirigan / CBCPNews)

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