CBCP official to Church workers: Don’t lose personal touch

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MANILA, Sept. 4, 2013—The Church’s professional service is needed and appreciated, but workers in the Lord’s vineyard have to keep that personal touch when serving others. 

“Yes, we do good things, we serve, but the greatest temptation or tendency for Church workers is the casualness of the action…In other words, there is a tendency for us not to be personal,” incoming Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) secretary general Fr. Marvin Mejia told CBCP employees during a mass this morning. 

Daily encounter with people 

Speaking to employees of several CBCP commissions, he explained how retaining the element of a personal touch is important for people working in the Church because of an almost daily encounter with people who are suffering – a reality which can almost seem routine. 

“We need to embrace the person,” Fr. Mejia, who was elected last July to succeed Msgr. Joselito Asis as CBCP secretary general, said. 

He clarified that this going-beyond-professionalism does not mean creating a particular personal emotional attachment to people, rather it is seeing a person as someone with a “name and a face” and not just another person to be helped or assisted. 

Showing God’s care 

“We can show to that person the compassionate care and love of God,” Fr. Mejia added. 

Inspired by today’s Gospel account where Jesus heals the apostle Peter’s mother-in-law, Fr. Mejia explained, Jesus showed himself as a “compassionate healer”, who responds to a particular person’s need.   

“Jesus is reminding us that yes, we do good things, we serve and hopefully we serve [seeing] a particular person,” he added. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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