‘Catechism over coffee’ launched to attract yuppies to talk about faith

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Around 40 young professionals attended the first Mercy Cafe talk last February 8. (Photo credit: Jhonsen Sales)

QUEZON City, Feb. 10, 2014—Young professionals generally, may not be that psyched to talk about their faith, but maybe a little coffee will help, a couple of Catholic professionals believe.

Launching the Mercy Café last February 8 at the Grills and Sizzles Restaurant, Jhonsen Sales and Sky Ortigas, came up with the idea of a venue where ‘coffee for the soul’ would be served after doing a 33-day consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary late last year.

Catechism and coffee

“If you go to [the Mercy Café], people are there to talk about spiritual things and there’s no place like that, only the Church. And [since many] find it hard to appreciate the Church, that’s the main vision of Mercy Café, to have a certain place where we can nurture the knowledge of our faith,” Sales, founder of Mercy Café explained, adding how the project is designed to cater to singles who need a break from work, but who are not part of covenanted communities or youth groups.

According to Sales, an electronics design engineer, he was initially attracted to the idea of offering creative catechism to people who may feel a bit distant towards the Church.

“I was attracted to coffee for the soul because [I thought], ‘Is there really such a thing?’ That’s the curiosity. The good thing is, when you visit the Mercy Café, we’re [catering] to the spiritual need of the soul. That’s what we will offer at the café,” he added.

Intimate conversations

The first Mercy Café talk, given by Fr. Ransom Rapirap, OCD, titled “Stay in Love, Fall in Love and It will Decide Everything” focused on the beauty and experience of romantic love, as well as the truth of Jesus’ sacrificial love for all.

In an interview, Ortigas co-founder of Mercy Café, said upcoming Mercy Café talks will include discussions about the Blessed Virgin, the saints, the Eucharist, presented in a “creative manner”.

“It’s more of intimate conversations over coffee, while imparting teachings about the faith,” Ortigas added.

The next Mercy Café talk will be on March 8, at 3 to 5p.m., also at Grills & Sizzles Restaurant, Examiner Street, Quezon City. Entrance tickets for P150.00 each will include snacks and coffee. (Nirva’ana Delacruz) 

For more information, like the Mercy Café page at https://www.facebook.com/mercycafe.

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