Cardinal Tagle tells Catholics to be wise, shun temptations

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Cardinal Tagle during a Mass at the Ermita Church on National Migrant's Sunday, March 9.

MANILA, March 10, 2014—The head of the Manila’s Roman Catholic Church yesterday called on the faithful to shun temptations and act according to Christ’s teachings.  

Reflecting on the Mass readings for the first Sunday of Lent, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle warned against worldly temptations, which only brings “frustrations”. 

“Whatever temptations you are experiencing, be wise. Temptations start from good offers because if it’s bad, no one will be enticed,” Tagle said. 

On National Migrant’s Sunday, Tagle celebrated a Mass at the Archdiocesan Shrine of Nuestra Señora de Guia or Ermita Church in Manila. 

The cardinal stressed that people give in to temptation because “they want to be “extraordinary and famous”, forcing them to do things “even if it’s wrong”. 

“These people know that they are wrong but they still keep doing it. Why? It’s because they want a new identity. They want to be like God,” Tagle said. 

“That’s how frightening temptation is,” he added. “Why? Because those who give in to temptation are deceived,” he added. 

To avoid this, the Manila archbishop said that one must accept “who you are” and stick to the roots of the gospel. 

“The temptation is about who we are. Let’s accept our being human and being child of God,” added Tagle. 

“Jesus told his disciples that if they want to follow Him, they must be willing to carry the cross. He doesn’t have special offer,” he said. (CBCPNews)

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