Cardinal Tagle takes swipe at money laundering mess

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Pope Francis leads Palm Sunday mass at the Manila Cathedral, March 20. (Photo: Maria Tan)

MANILA, March 20, 2016— Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila has lashed out at the multimillion money laundering scandal that rocked the country’s financial industry.

In his Palm Sunday homily at the Manila Cathedral, he said the recent controversy only shows the modern day plague of some people’s unbridled hunger for money and power.

The cardinal did not specifically mention the ongoing senate probe on the $81-million money laundering issue, but the reference was obvious when he spoke on the start of the Holy Week. (READ: Bishop worries money laundering could hurt OFWs)

“How can we learn from the mercy of Jesus in a world where there’s a lot of violence, stealing… Millions of dollars are being transferred and until now I don’t know… everybody are washing their hands,” Tagle said.

“Where is mercy? Where is compassion? This Holy Week, may we learn from Jesus how we can restore mercy and compassion in this world,” he said.

Hundreds of faithful attended the Sunday service and waved their palm fronds as the cardinal blessed them with holy water before the mass.

In an impassioned appeal, the cardinal said people need to resist the temptations of money, power and pleasure.

“In our world today, we do not rely on the Lord any more. We rely on money, arms, private armies, and intimidation. Some even rely on connections to gain some advantage over others,” said Tagle.

“If we continue to rely on those, it is very easy to lose mercy towards our neighbors,” he added.

Cardinal Tagle also called on the faithful to learn from Jesus in facing their enemies and challenges.

Despite being persecuted throughout His short life, he said Christ’s unchanging message was not one of revenge or violence but mercy and love for one another.

“Let us emulate what Jesus did in having faith. Let us put our faith in God and we will have the peace of mind and we will learn to love our enemies,” said Tagle.

“I appeal to those who feel that their conscience are already weak or those whose hearts are already hardened, let us go back to having trust in God,” he said. (Roy Lagarde/CBCPNews)

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