Cardinal Tagle echoes Pope’s call for simplicity

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MANILA, August 14, 2013— Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle echoed Pope Francis’ striking call for humility and simplicity of life. 

According to him, the pontiff’s simplicity sets a tone not only for the bishops, priests and the religious, but also for lay faithful. 

“The Pope often talks of being simple, humble and back to being ordinary. If you think about it, whether priest, Catholic or not, we are all ordinary people. All of us feel hunger, get tempted…,” said Tagle. 

The cardinal lamented how some people who gained prominence refuse to embrace simplicity and become detached from the lives of ordinary people. 

“Oftentimes, if one gains influence or gains a little stature, they forget their connection with the ordinary,” said Tagle. 

The church official added that the pontiff’s humility is something that the people should emulate in action and not just in words. 

“For him, the call to be simple is not for the show. If he makes a call for the Church, it’s coming from a very deep calling in his heart,” said Tagle. (RL/CBCPNews)

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