Cardinal Quevedo warns voters about promises of ‘change’

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MANILA, May 3, 2016— A ranking Church official called on Catholic voters “not to be mesmerized” by promises of “change” by candidates seeking the country’s top post.

Cardinal Orlando Quevedo said what the country needs is a “radical” and “profound” change in mind, behavior, and values.

“Sadly, a candidate who promises change could have the same values and behavior that require change,” said Quevedo, the Archbishop of Cotabato.

He called on Catholic voters to apply their moral and religious values when they cast their ballot for the local and national elections on Monday next week.

“Do not be mesmerized by surveys and claims of change by any means. Follow the road of the Christian disciple, faithful to the Lord Jesus and to the teachings of his Church,” said Quevedo.

“Help heal our political culture. Place your choices in the hands of Mary, Our Mother and Intercessor, our Guide on the journey to national renewal,” he said.

The cardinal the made the statement in a circular on the 2016 elections addressed to Catholics in his archdiocese.

The circular also contained at guidelines for voters who treasure conscience as “God-given.”

He urged voters to support candidates who have an option for the poor and those with moral integrity or someone “that is not tainted by corruption, unexplained wealth, and properties, and enrichment in office.”

The prelate also said bets who respect and defend the right life, especially of the unborn and demonstrate respect for and fidelity to his or her faith deserve the votes of the Catholics.

In the context of central and southern Mindanao, he urged voters to choose those who will work for a just and lasting peace.

“Select a candidate who will be a just peacemaker,” he added.

The cardinal also underscored the importance of competence of candidate to govern 100 million Filipinos and lead them to a better life.

“Study the track record of the candidate,” he said. “Select a candidate who does not aspire to be the messiah but is humble as well as respectful of others’ freedom and competencies.” (Roy Lagarde / CBCPNews) 

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