Borongan diocese to launch community newspaper

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MANILA, Feb. 21, 2013— The Diocese of Borongan has branched out into the world of print media, releasing next week the premiere of its first edition.

The “Este! (East!)”, a tabloid newspaper which covers church-related stories, catechesis and articles on social issues, is being published by the diocese’s Commission on Mass Media.

The 12-page paper currently has four full-time writers and other contributors.

Borongan Bishop Crispin Varquez said he is convinced that print media is “one of the powerful tools of evangelization in our times.”

“I humbly appeal to our people to support and patronize ESTE! so that it can continue its service to our faithful in the Diocese of Borongan and to all Estehanons,” Varquez said.

The newspaper will formally be launched during their diocesan presbyterium meeting in Borongan on February 26. (CBCPNews)

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