Bishop tells lay group: Joy comes from owning one’s choice to love, serve others

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QUEZON City, Sept. 2, 2013—It does not take much to be truly happy, a bishop tells a family renewal group, all you have to do is to own your choice to love and serve others. 

“You enjoy giving, giving money to people because you choose to spend your money, to spend your time with people. But if you spend your money on people out of obligation, I tell you, you will not enjoy it,” Military Ordinariate of the Philippines Bishop Leopoldo Tumulak, D.D. told Couples for Christ (CFC) leaders yesterday at the Ateneo de Manila high school gym. 

 Your choice should make you happy 

Celebrating mass for the CFC Mission Core Group, Bishop Tumulak explained that learning to own and love one’s choice, especially to serve others makes a person even more effective and productive.  

“The choice is yours, that is what makes you happy,” he explained, adding that ultimately, choice is “something internal” and is a God-given gift. 

Tumulak, who spoke to over 400 top CFC leaders from all over Metro Manila, explained that even Jesus had to keep on choosing to stick to his mission despite conflicting voices around him.  

“Many were pressuring him [to stop], but they were not able to change the mind of Jesus,” he explained. 

Choosing to serve the poor more 

By making the direct connection between choosing to serve and happiness, Bishop Tumulak gave CFC and its Family Ministries leaders a shot in the arm. 

“Then, we see as we go on that down deep inside us is the compassion of Jesus,” he added, saying also that finding joy in one’s choices also takes time. 

Tumulak also took time to encourage the CFCs to continue serving and being with the poor. 

“Somehow every time you do something for the poor, you see more clearly that you see the face of Jesus,” he said. 

According to its website, CFC is a “movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life.” [Nirva’Ana Ella Delacruz]

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