Bishop fears Cha-Cha ‘excuse’

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COTABATO City, August 24, 2014—Cotabato Auxiliary Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo voiced out concerns that proposals to amend the economic provisions of the 1987 constitution are only a “trick”, an excuse which will allow politicians with vested interests a chance to extend their hold in office.

“I oppose amending the Constitution this time because once you open it to changes, everything will follow. You cannot limit it to economic provisions,” explained the prelate over Radyo Veritas.

Cotabato Auxiliary Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo (Photo: CBCP News)

Bagaforo fears that the constitutional provision limiting elected officials’ terms in office might be tampered with in the event of a charter change (Cha-Cha).

Meanwhile, Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo , who chairs the Episcopal Commission on Public Affairs (ECPA) of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), maintains proposals for Cha-Cha must be studied in depth.

According to Pabillo, the Filipino public should have a “say” in any decision concerning constitutional amendments.

The bishop pointed out that a task as vital as Cha-Cha should not be left to Malacañang and Congress.

Pabillo said these politicians had been elected precisely in order to look after the interests of the Filipino people by crafting and enacting laws that promote the common good. (Raymond A. Sebastián)

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