Bishop: ‘Drug war kills only the poor’

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Manila Auxiliary Bishop Pabillo at Christ the King Seminary (Photo: Oliver Samson)

MANILA, Dec. 10, 2016 – Addressing the drug trade by killing people, most of whom are poor, will not resolve the problem, Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo told over 200 faithful during a Mass at Christ the King Seminary on Nov. 8.

“Those who suffer are mostly helpless and poor people,” said the prelate.

Over 5, 000 lives had been lost to the state’s war against drugs just few months into Duterte’s term. But the drug trade continues to thrive, he said, despite the bloody campaign.

‘Culture of death’

“The culture of death in the country is creeping,” stressed Pabillo.

Just recently, the House of Representatives committee on justice approved the reimposition of the death penalty.

Fr. Ranhilio Aquino-Callangan expressed his opposition to the restoration of capital punishment in a Facebook post on Dec. 2.

The priest said: “There is a fundamental reason that the death penalty should not be imposed… No fact-finding proceeding is ever infallible, and when you punish with death you must be infallible.”

No due process

Vince Casilihan, a human rights group leader in Bicol, also expressed opposition to the death penalty in a social media post on Dec. 7.

He said: “Even without death penalty so many are dying without due process.”

Casilihan said the death penalty will make the already corrupt judicial system of the Philippines even worse.

The proposed House measure is seeking to penalize with death 20 crimes, including treason, rape, parricide, murder, infanticide, kidnapping and serious illegal detention, plunder, importation of dangerous drugs, possession of drugs, and criminal liability for planting evidence. (Oliver Samson / CBCPNews)

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