Bishop agrees with Pope: ‘Journos should be truthful’

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Legazpi Bishop Joel Baylon (Photo: Jose Locsin)

MANILA, Oct. 6, 2016 – With Pope Francis’ October prayer intention focusing on journalists and their need to uphold the truth, a Philippine bishop expressed similar sentiments, saying members of the Philippine media should take more risks for the truth.

“I hope that our news people will be more willing to take the risk so that the truth may be told, so that what they write or report may prevail over those who try to tell lies and half-truths,” said Legazpi Bishop Joel Baylon in an interview.

Calling the Holy Father’s October prayer intention “most timely”, the prelate noted the reality of journalists all over the world sacrificing truth in the name of other worldly values.

“…[J]ournalists all over the world … are tempted to cater only to what is potentially sensational. No matter the cost, which often means sacrificing the truth,” added Baylon.

In short video message, Pope Francis called on the faithful to pray for journalists that they may be more “motivated by respect for truth and a strong sense of ethics.”

“We need information leading to compromise for the good of humanity and the planet,” said the pontiff, noting that even media can become means for “a culture of encounter.”

“I often wonder: How can media be put to the service of a culture of encounter?”, he asked. (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz / CBCPNews)

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