Biblical commission to send bibles to areas affected by typhoon Yolanda

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MANILA, Nov. 19, 2013—The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) through the Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate (ECBA) will be sending 1,000 copies of the Bibles to those who were affected by the recent Typhoon Yolanda in the Central Philippines.

The 1,000 copies of Tagalog Bibles, according to ECBA, will help those affected to stand-up again and strengthen their faith.

Dr. Natividad Pagadut, ECBA’s executive secretary believes that the distribution of the Bibles should be coupled with formation of the people in order for them to know how to use and what to read in the Bible in times of calamities.

“The distribution of the Bible will hopefully help them to stand up again, to strengthen their faith, and to improve as persons. So it is best to couple it with formation, counseling and to guide them on what to read in the Bible during this time. With this, they will be consoled, challenged, they will gain hope to move on, and get up from this terrible experience,” Pagadut said.

She then suggested reading the Psalms especially the Lamentation Psalms where it expressed the sadness and disappointments of the people to God.

“It is not wrong to express sadness, disappointments, etc. to God. We should not forget our faith and still cling to Him. And take note that there is hope,” she added.

The biblical apostolate also gave 100 copies of children’s Bible for kids to read to help them get up from the devastating experience.

Pagadut pointed out that people should have to mature with their notion of looking at calamities as a punishment from God.

“Sometimes, people think that this is a punishment from God, a wake-up call or something. We are too fast in making conclusions about calamities like this,” she said.

“We should outgrow that, especially if you will say that to people who were stricken with calamity. So we have to graduate from that and say that it is a natural calamity. We have no answer to that, but we can rely on the Lord and make reflections and see what this can do to our life,” she added.

“We just have to cling to God because the more we give up, the more we suffer. For the Filipino people, our faith helps us to cling on to God and to stand up again and go on,” Pagadut said.

The Bibles will be sent to dioceses in the Visayas that were affected by the recent typhoon. (Jandel Posion)

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