‘Beauty of Christian life is struggle’ – priest tells OFWs

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HO CHI MINH City, Vietnam, May 26, 2014 – Apparently, the true beauty of Christian life is not overwhelming happiness or freedom from personal problems, but the capacity to struggle for Jesus, a priest tells an audience of mostly Overseas Filipino Workers at the Nhà th? Tân ??nh church in Vietnam recently.

“The beauty of Christian life is the struggle…It does not mean that [this is] a kind of sadistic religion, no. Instead it is a struggle because we know we [look forward to] something best before us,” said Fr. Christian Limbaring, spiritual director of Couples for Christ – Vietnam during a recent holy mass celebrated by the community at the church also known among Catholics as the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Fr. Christian Limbaring explained how struggle in the life of a Christian should be seen as a good thing. (Photo: Sky Ortigas)

According to Fr. Tan-Tan, as he is fondly called by friends in the community, Jesus promised the “best” for those who struggle for the sake of God’s kingdom.

“And we want, we strive for that best that Christ has prepared for us. If Christian life has no struggle then, maybe it is not Christian life; it is your life,” he explained.

Limbaring said “all of us…have struggled, will struggle or will continue to struggle for our Christian life.”

Limbaring, who was a member of CFC – Singles for Christ before entering the priesthood, challenged the faithful to reflect on what God has personally done for each one, since they joined the renewal community.

He added that people have a tendency to be updated about controversial public figures like Cedric Lee or Janet Lim-Napoles, but rarely take the time to recognize the new things God is doing for them personally.

“Life is a journey…that sometimes, you know He is there, but you don’t recognize His presence in your life.” (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz)

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