‘Be angry but do not sin’ – prelate to faithful

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TACLOBAN City, July 3, 2015 – It is possible to get angry and not sin.

This was what Palo Archbishop John Forrosuelo Du told the faithful during the pontifical concelebrated Mass on the feast day of Señor Sto. Niño de Tacloban on June 30.

Speaking in the vernacular, the prelate stressed, “Kasina, pero ayaw pakasala.”

Palo Archbishop John Forrosuelo Du (Photo: Vocation Square)

“We can be angry but on the condition that is it is for the right reason, [having the] right [frame of] mind and even at the right intensity,” he said, using Jesus as an example.

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An angry Jesus

The prelate explained there were instances when Jesus was angry but also felt pity for those who were oppressed.

Du recounted how Jesus reprimanded his disciples when they tried to keep the children away from him. He admonished them to allow the people to get close to him.

According to the prelate, benevolent temper is one trait that the faithful should learn and embrace, especially towards the poor. “God is just and defends the poor,” Du said, reiterating the common belief that God hears the cry of the poor.

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‘Benevolent temper’

He challenged the people to examine themselves and see if they feel Christ’s “benevolent temper” whenever they see the poor being oppressed and deprived. For the prelate, this is the essence of the theme of this year’s feast of Señor Sto. Niño de Tacloban, that is “Look at Jesus: Do justice and kindness.”

In connection to this, Du called on the faithful once more to support the program he initiated to answer the need of the poor, the Sunday feeding program called “La Mesa ni Marta.”

As part of the said program, each parish opens its doors to feed indigent individuals on Sundays, following a Mass and catechism. Du shelled out Php 1 million from his personal account for this purpose, dividing the amount among the 178 parishes within the Archdiocese of Palo. (Eileen Ballesteros – Nazareno/CBCPNews)

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