Balance personal effort and trust in God—priest

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ANTIPOLO City, March 4, 2014—It is a beautiful tightrope act that believers are called to do, the balance of working hard, then trusting God for what is beyond one’s control. A priest expounded recently on the topic.

“Give your best, give your effort…Then God will handle what you cannot manage,” San Antonio de Padua parish priest Fr. Alfredo E. Meneses said in his homily last Sunday.

Worry not

The belief of the Church in divine providence, he added, however, is not to be taken as an excuse to sit back and do nothing.

“Does it mean that we can just sit and wait for God to send us food to eat?” Fr. Meneses asked, explaining further that working towards goals is still necessary even with the assurance of divine providence.

According to the parish priest, whose previous assignment was in Talim island, also in the Diocese of Antipolo, no one controls the future, but what is important is working, then entrusting what happens next to God.

Worry, Fr. Meneses also added, is a real enemy to the faith because it betrays a lack of trust in God.

“When we worry, we don’t trust fully in the providence of God. Nothing touches us that has not passed through His hands,” he said.

Simple things, silly things

People worry about material needs, day-to-day events, but sometimes, Fr. Meneses noted, people worry about “silly things.”

“Sometimes, we even worry about simple things. [Someone tells you],’You have such a nice outfit!’, but we still ask others, ‘Do I look ok?’” Fr. Jun, as he is called, said in Filipino.

Interestingly, the Gospels mentions ‘Do not worry’ thrice.

In ending, Fr. Meneses shared a bedtime prayer of Pope John XXIII, who is set to be canonized, together with Blessed John Paul II this April.

The prayer goes, “Lord, I have done all I can do. Now, it is up to you, I am going to sleep.” [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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