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Dimples Romana – Ahmee with her husband Boyet, daughter Callie, and son Alonzo (Photo: Ruel Tenerife)

PARAÑAQUE City, June 15, 2016 – With her often maldita (mean girl) persona on screen, some may find it difficult to picture actress Dimples Romana as a real-life mother and wife who only wants the best for her family. What they don’t know is that she fills these two roles before anything else, and fills them well.

Also, few people outside her circle have an idea that the former Binibining Parañaque takes her faith seriously, an important thing she has been nurturing in her children since day one.

Living the Gospel

“We want to make sure that every single word that they read in the Bible, they really digest it. That they will be able to live it out in their lives. Sure you know about this verse, you know about the Scriptures, you hear about it over Mass. But what’s more important is, I think its application. And that’s where we often get lost. Knowing the Scriptures by heart is one thing, actually being true to it is another,” said the Our Lady of Manaoag devotee, expounding on the classic “Practice-what-you-preach” slogan.

Dimples and her husband Boyet Ahmee make it a point that at their young age their kids already have the fear of God in them, so that they’re less likely do things they will regret in the long run.

“In our home we really make sure for example for the value of humility, we teach Callie to always be humble even if people are so nice to her. And I guess that’s one challenge of having a celebrity parent. It seems everybody treats you nicely. So I teach Callie to be grounded in terms of, for example, when I go to the bank. Even if the personnel says, ‘Ms. Dimples, please come ahead.’ And I’ll say, ‘No, since everybody has fallen in line, I too have to fall in line. And when Callie sees that, I believe she’d take on that approach also,” she shared.

Responsible celebrity 

And while she is one this generation’s finest actresses, Dimples puts a limit on the kinds of roles she plays for the sake not only of the young people who looks up to her as a role model, but especially that of her own children.

“Hmm.. When it is sexual [role] I don’t really.. Apart from me being not too comfortable about … being sexual in front of a lot of people, I guess it is more of my moral responsibility for my children, especially now that everything is in Google and Yahoo. I don’t want them seeing me do things I wouldn’t want for them to do also in the future. It’s hard to preach against what you yourself have done. Your credibility will be in question. Even though you quit doing it, somehow it will haunt you and keep you thinking about how it will affect your kids,” she said.

Be open to learning

Aware of her many shortcomings both as a wife and as a mother, Dimples never tires of learning, especially when she learns together with her husband and children.

“I guess our dynamics at home calls for improvement considering that every day presents a new challenge for families … But I guess we’re very blessed to have parents, to have in-laws who really help us out and who really teach us how to do life. But I know also that no parent is perfect. We should always be open to a learning,” she stressed.

Work in progress

More than a “perfect family” which she doubts even exists, Dimples would rather have a family that makes occasional mistakes, yet continues to learn from these mistakes.

“As much as I would like to have a perfect family, I feel even I will not opt to have one because I don’t want a family who does not make mistakes. I actually want one that is so willing to make mistakes but will really stick together as a family. That’s when you see the family will grow. A family that does not make mistakes, is always afraid to stumble because of trials they have just wouldn’t grow as individuals,” she said.

The full story on Dimples Romana – Ahmee’s inspiring Catholic family life is found in CFC Ablaze – Communications’ Family Time magazine, May – June 2016 issue.

(Raymond A. Sebastián / CBCP News)

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