Amid ‘cultural pressures,’ Bosconians urged: Be like Don Bosco!

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MANDALUYONG City, July 1, 2015—Lamenting what he sees as a “pervasive cultural malaise”, a Salesian priest has invited Bosconians, fellow Salesians, as well as alumni, friends, and benefactors to be proactive in their loyalty to the teachings of the Catholic Church just like St. John Bosco.

Don Bosco’s way

“Let us all strive to be like Don Bosco was to the young – then, and up till now. We may be poor copies of him, but we can assure you of one thing … We try our level best to embody the values that he spent all his life inculcating among his followers, and particularly the young,” shared Fr. Vitaliano “Chito” Dimaranan, SDB in a recent message in connection to the nearing bicentenary of the saint’s birth on Aug. 16.

In line with this, the priest, who heads the Don Bosco Technical College (DBTC) in Mandaluyong, called on them to join him in proffering an alternative “culture of unity” inspired by Don Bosco, their common father, by making a DBTC image their profile picture.

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‘Conflicting times’

“As you know, we are facing very difficult and complex – even conflicting – times. Culture is in ferment. Language continually evolves, and the values we held dear at an earlier time, are diluted, if not, eroded, by the pervasive postmodern sensibilities that tend to hold objective truth in suspicion, or downright contempt,” he said.

The DBTC rector also bemoaned how truth often gets reduced to hashtags or one-liners, slogans, and labels, instead of being discovered together through patient and objective discourse which goes beyond social media “likes” and the number of views, “re-tweets,” and “shares.”

‘Devolving’ pop culture

Moreover, Dimaranan noted that popular culture has taken on a new twist, attaining heights never before imagined: once popular showbiz personalities who became known through films have been replaced by “cewebrities” who enjoy huge followings in various social networking sites.

“The popular has become equated with the regular. The viral has been put at par with the real, and the most often quoted has been taken as objective truth. Moral truth also had to take a back seat to what enjoys the most following and the most likes,” the DBTC rector pointed out.

“Sadly, truth has often been sacrificed on the altar of popularity,” he added.

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‘Veritas in caritate’

Furthermore, Dimaranan went on to clarify his invitation will in no way promote hate.

“This is not a hate post. We, Salesians and Bosconians, have been taught by Don Bosco to be loving and compassionate and tolerant. Tolerance, however, is not to be mistaken for promotion. Loving acceptance of cultures not in consonance with Christian, Catholic tradition does not mean one ought to actively propagate the same. Love and tolerance call on us to ‘proclaim the truth in charity’,” he explained.

To view and/or download the image, visit: https://www.facebook.com/DBTCManda/photos/a.10150631938452728.418619.142848092727/10153486876047728/?type=1&theater. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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