‘Accept lowliness, submit self to God’s will,’ faithful urged

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Bro. Jun “Dr. Love” Banaag O.P gives “Under Mary’s Guidance, the Lay Faithful – Agents of Social Transformation” on August 2, 2014 at the San Carlos Seminary. (Photo: Jennifer Orillaza)

MANILA, August 28, 2014–A Catholic media man stressed the importance of humility in the lives of the faithful, saying that it is through ”knowing one’s lowliness” that humans may let God reign in their lives.

“Humility is knowing that you will never be an equal of God. It is accepting your lowliness that God, in his Divine mercy, can use you to be great, to be useful, to be productive,” Bro. Jun “Dr. Love” Banaag O.P., said in his Marian Conference talk dubbed “Under Mary’s Guidance, the Lay Faithful – Agents of Social Transformation” held at the San Carlos Seminary last August 2.

Banaag added that it is though humility that the faithful are able to “submit themselves to the will of God, (allowing) Him to create in them the greatness that He wants to instill in their being.”

He also urged the people to strengthen their faith in the Divine even if their prayers and wishes seem unanswered at times.

“Even if we get saddened by our unanswered prayers, there is faith, there is hope that God will listen to us,” he said, adding that what matters most is not the number of prayers said, but the sincerity of one’s heart.

Devotion, poverty

Noting the Blessed Mother as the most devout follower of Christ, Banaag urged the lay faithful to follow her footsteps through “listening to the word of God and making it alive through their actions.”

“Mary is the perfect example. She does not only profess the love of God, but she allows the word of God to come alive in her and direct all her actions,” he said.

Banaag called on the people to devote themselves to Christ, noting that obedience to submit one’s will to the Lord is a personal choice every follower has to make.

“Devotion is the marriage between prayer and action… Obedience to submit to the will of God starts with a choice—do you want to obey Him or not?,” Banaag asked the faithful.

He reminded them to live simply and to shun worldly riches, noting that basking in the allure of superficial things only makes them impure and uncommitted to the Divine.

“The simplicity of our lives will bring us blessedness as it makes us free from unnecessary thoughts,” Banaag said.

“Our children must see in us the true picture of the Blessed Mother. They should see in us the example of a simple woman leading a simple lifestyle,” he added. (Jennifer M. Orillaza)

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