50 Bicol priests to undergo magnesium therapy training?

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MANILA, June 17, 2015 – Fifty priests in Bicol will undergo magnesium therapy training organized by Daet Bishop Gilbert A. Garcera at the Holy Trinity Cathedral on June 26.

The priests will attend a two-hour lecture on the basics about the mineral, said Mary Jean Netario-Cruz, said to be the country’s leading magnesium advocate.

Netario-Cruz, who is world pioneer for magnesium clinics, the first one of which she opened in Antipolo in 2014, will conduct the lecture.

Mary Jean Netario-Cruz (4th from left 2nd row) and her team of magnesium advocates pose for a photo at St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral in Tagbilaran before a healing mission in Bohol early this year. From left 1st row are magnesium advocate priests Fr. Fernando "Dodong" Po and Fr. Dari Dioquino. (Photo: Oliver Samson)

Magnesium deficiency

“The importance of the mineral to the body, effects of it deficiency, and its capability to relieve various pains will be discussed,” she said.

After the lecture, the priests will be taught about the therapy and its application, Netario-Cruz said.

Magnesium therapy, which is conducted transdermally, was introduced by Netario-Cruz in the country in 2011.

“It has addressed over 500 cases,” said Fr. Dari D. Dioquino, who is possibly the world’s first magnesium advocate priest.

Back pain, insomnia

Magnesium therapy recipients reported relief from various conditions, like back pain, headache, frozen shoulder, muscle cramps, stiff fingers, arthritis, and even insomnia, said Victoria Baterina-Solis, a magnesium therapy coach, also called a magi coach.

“Most cases of body pains, especially among seniors, are triggered by magnesium deficiency as a result of diet poor in this mineral,” Netario-Cruz said.

Unhealthy lifestyle, like excessive intake of caffeine and alcohol, long-term medication, and stress, exacerbates the deficiency, she added.

Having gained the interest and support of the religious people in 2014 with regard to magnesium therapy, Garcera invited Netario-Cruz and her team of magnesium advocates, who include three magi coaches (magnesium therapy coaches) and two magi coach apprentices to conduct the training in Bicol. (Oliver Samson/CBCPNews)

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