4T’s to strengthen family revealed at confab

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Bro. Alvin Barcelona of the Light of Jesus community speaks the participants of the Diocesan Campus Ministry Youth Congress of the Diocese of Malolos about family on Oct. 14. (Contributed photo)

MALOLOS City, Bulacan, Oct. 19, 2016 – Celebrating the Year of the Family and The Eucharist, the congress themed “The Modern Youth and the Christian Family’s Active Role in the Eucharist” featured a session that focused on family and how to make it stronger.

“There are 4T’s that will strengthen our family relationship,” shared singer and motivational speaker Bro. Alvin Barcelona to the participants of the Diocesan Campus Ministry Youth Congress of the Diocese of Malolos on Oct. 14 in this city.

According to him, the first T is “Talk”. He encouraged the youth to “talk” to their family members, especially to their parents. “Talk with one another to strengthen relationships within the family. Problems arise because you do not communicate. Problems are solved when you talk about it,” he said.

2 kinds of tables

Second is “Text”. He said texts or sms are indeed means of communication. If there are things they cannot discuss personally with their parents, Barcelona encouraged them to send it through text. “Include in your text messages, ‘I love you or I am sorry,’” he added.

“Table” is the third element, said the preacher from the Light of Jesus community. This refers to two things: table as a calendar and table meaning the piece of furniture used for meals.

Table as a calendar means that family members should schedule a day when every member of the family will be present for each other. “If you love your family, table them in the calendar,” he said.

Relationships are deliberate

Further, he also encouraged the youth to initiate family meals. “Families should eat together and have fellowship at table,” explained Barcelona.

Lastly, “Tag” refers to other families in the community. He said it is important that every family is aware and is able to communicate with other families.

Further, he said, it is important to nourish family relationships. “Every family member should do their part to strengthen the family.”

Barcelona told the youth it is important to make relationships deliberate, they must be intentional and must include plans. (Arvin Ray Jimenez / CBCPNews)

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