3 bishops laud ‘simple’ Duterte

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President-elect Rodrigo Duterte (CBCPNews photo)

MANILA, June 23, 2016— President-elect Rodrigo Duterte got compliments from at least three Catholic bishops on Wednesday when they described him as a simple person.

In a radio interview, Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of Cubao particularly lauded Duterte’s frugal inauguration at the Macalañang when he takes oath as president on June 30.

“I am happy about the simple inauguration. We need to be simple even in our way of life. Simplicity, an important value that we have to promote,” Ongtioco told Radio Veritas.

According to him, simplicity is one of the characters needed by a great leader.

“Simplicity, an important value that we have to promote,” he added.

Bishops Antonio Maralit of Boac and Pedro Arigo of Puetro Princesa said Duterte’s simplicity offers a good example to Filipinos and fosters solidarity with the poor.

Duterte’s transition team earlier said the inauguration will be just short and simple with only around 600 invited guests.

Breaking several inauguration traditions, it will be held this time at the palace’s Rizal ceremonial hall instead of the Quirino grandstand to avoid causing traffic jams or inconvenience to ordinary people. (CBCPNews)

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