1k+ teachers to attend ‘moral literacy’ symposium

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MANILA, Nov. 13, 2014 — Over 1, 000 teachers from public and private schools in Metro Manila are expected to convene fo a symposium on moral literacy at the Meralco Theater, Pasig on Nov. 22.

Education Foundation, Inc. (EFI), anticipates about 1, 200 teachers from elementary and secondary schools, as well as college professors to attend the “Teacher, Teacher, What Stuff Are You Made Of” symposium, said Education Foundation, Inc. (EFI) executive director Myra M. Menguito.

Education Foundation Inc. gives a training to the teachers of Bago Bantay Elementary School. (Photo: EFI)

The symposium will deal with the meaning of moral literacy and the development of conscience, dealing, as well, with topics like corruption in public office, premarital sex, and other moral issues in society, she added.

‘Morally literate’

“We seek the teachers to be morally literate themselves,” Noami A. David, EFI president, said.

One cannot impart something he does not have, David noted. To have effective formation, teachers should demonstrate moral values themselves.

The symposium will also identify for teachers and, in turn, students “which values are virtuous,” David said. Pursuing a particular value does not necessarily mean a person is moral.

Chasing popularity, power, or fortune as one’s values in life by undignified means has no moral uprightness, she said.

Integrating values in math, science

The realizations of EFI, which is the education arm of the Couples for Christ, during its years of conducting values formation have led to the organizing of moral literacy symposium, she said.

According to Menguito, teachers who were already instructed by the Department of Education and trained on the integration of values in every subject, still admitted having difficulty in their profession.

Values can be integrated in all subjects, including Science and Math, Menguito noted.

The symposium will also provide teachers with ideas on how values are integrated in “all subjects,” David said.

The half-day symposium will run from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. (Oliver Samson)

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