’10 Commandments comic book’ to be launched

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"Buhay San Miguel – ANG SAMPUNG UTOS"

MANILA, Aug, 31, 2016 – A comic book that aims to catechize young people about God’s commandments through visuals and story lines will be launched at Manila International Book Fair on Sept. 18, Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to noon.

Authored by father and son Jes and Christian Francis Matias, the book Buhay San Miguel – ANG SAMPUNG UTOS is published by Paulines Publishing.

“The objective is to be able to explain in a light-hearted manner, the ‘very serious’ topic of understanding the Ten Commandments.  Perhaps, not many Catholics are taking it seriously, or do not find any relation to it in their lives,” explained Jes Matias in an interview.

“The application of the Ten Commandments is very much alive, especially when taken in the context of loving God and serving others, and not just a set of rules or don’ts.  It is therefore hoped that we can grow deeper in Christian love once we understand what the Ten Commandments [are] really all about,” he added.

The book is a compilation of 50 comic strips on the Ten Commandments and includes all the characters featured in the Buhay San Miguel comic strip, which comes out twice a month in the CBCP Monitor, the official publication of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines. (CBCPNews)

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